McNeill Plantation


Location: Carroll County, Mississippi; town of Duck Hill
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Eskridge, McNeill
Historical Notes: none
Associated Pages: Hector McNeill Plantation (Carroll Co., MS), T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)


1845: To Albert McNeil in right of his wife (son-in-law, husband of Mary Tabitha Eskridge) – Abigail (200), Dolly and child Harril (600), Fanny (325), Feriby (500) [1845 Estate of Thomas L. Eskridge, Carroll Co., MS]

1850:  Lot #3 drawn by Albert F. McNeill (son) – Jerry (800), big Mary and child (700), Sally (150), Dick (375), Charles (375) [1850 Estate of Hector McNeill, Carroll Co., MS]

1860: Group 1 – Male age 32 (b.1828), Female age 35 (b.1825), Female age 9 (b.1851), Female age 7 (b.1853), Male age 5 (b.1855), Male age 3 (b.1857), Female age 6 mo. (b.1860); Group 2 – Male age 30 (b.1830), Female age 17 (b.1843), Male age 6 mo. (b.1860); Group 3 – Male age 27 (b.1833), Female age 37 (b.1823), Female age 16 (b.1844), Female age 2 (b.1858); Group 4 – Female age 27 (b.1833), Female age 1 (b.1859); Group 5 – Female age 23 (b.1837), Male age 13 (b.1847); Group 6 – Female age 28 (b.1832), Female age 1 (b.1859); Group 7 – Female age 30 (b.1830), Female age 14 (b.1846), Male age 2 (b.1858), Female age 1 (b.1859), Male age 1 mo. (b.1860); Group 8 – Male age 23 (b.1837), Male age 20 (b.1840), Male age 22 (b.1838), Male age 18 (b.1842), Female age 16 (b.1844) [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedules), Carroll Co., MS, Albert F. McNeal (McNeill), 30 total, 5 houses]



McNeill family: Albert F. McNeill (b.1823-d.1866) – owner, son of H. and H.F. McNeill, see Hector McNeill Plantation (Carroll Co., MS); Mary Tabitha Eskridge McNeill (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.1844), dau. of T.L. and J.A.L. Eskridge, see T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS); Thomas Hector McNeill (b.1847-d.?) – son; Josiah McNeill (b.1848-d.?) – son; Margaret McNeill (b.1851-d.?) – dau.; Adelle McNeill (b.1857-d.?) – dau.; Albert F. McNeill (b.1849-d.?) – son



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  • Rootsweb World Connect: Melton McNeill family (Albert F. McNeill, ID: I90)
  • Book of Estate Records, Carroll Co., MS. MS Department of Archives

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