McNeill Plantation


Location: Carroll County, Mississippi; town of Duck Hill
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Eskridge, McNeill
Historical Notes: Albert Fort McNeill was born in North Carolina ca. 1823. His family migrated to Carroll Co., MS where he married Mary Tabitha Eskridge of the T.L. Eskridge Plantation in 1844. In Carroll Co., MS he purchased land from the Grenada land office in 1855 and 1860 [Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908]. According to his last Will and testament (1866), his holdings included a steam saw mill.
Associated Pages: Hector McNeill Plantation (Carroll Co., MS), T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)


1845: To Albert McNeil in right of his wife (son-in-law, husband of Mary Tabitha Eskridge) – Abigail (200), Dolly and child Harril (600), Fanny (325), Feriby (500) [1845 Estate of Thomas L. Eskridge, Carroll Co., MS]

1850:  Lot #3 drawn by Albert F. McNeill (son) – Jerry (800), big Mary and child (700), Sally (150), Dick (375), Charles (375) [1850 Estate of Hector McNeill, Carroll Co., MS]

1860: Group 1 – Male age 32 (b.1828), Female age 35 (b.1825), Female age 9 (b.1851), Female age 7 (b.1853), Male age 5 (b.1855), Male age 3 (b.1857), Female age 6 mo. (b.1860); Group 2 – Male age 30 (b.1830), Female age 17 (b.1843), Male age 6 mo. (b.1860); Group 3 – Male age 27 (b.1833), Female age 37 (b.1823), Female age 16 (b.1844), Female age 2 (b.1858); Group 4 – Female age 27 (b.1833), Female age 1 (b.1859); Group 5 – Female age 23 (b.1837), Male age 13 (b.1847); Group 6 – Female age 28 (b.1832), Female age 1 (b.1859); Group 7 – Female age 30 (b.1830), Female age 14 (b.1846), Male age 2 (b.1858), Female age 1 (b.1859), Male age 1 mo. (b.1860); Group 8 – Male age 23 (b.1837), Male age 20 (b.1840), Male age 22 (b.1838), Male age 18 (b.1842), Female age 16 (b.1844) [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedules), Carroll Co., MS, Albert F. McNeal (McNeill), 30 total, 5 houses]



McNeill family: Albert F. McNeill (b.1823-d.1866) – owner, son of H. and H.F. McNeill, see Hector McNeill Plantation (Carroll Co., MS); Mary Tabitha Eskridge McNeill (b.1829-d.?) – wife (m.1844), dau. of T.L. and J.A.L. Eskridge, see T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS); Thomas Hector McNeill (b.1847-d.?) – son; Josiah McNeill (b.1848-d.?) – son; Margaret A. McNeill (b.1851-d.?) – dau.; Adelle McNeill (b.1857-d.?) – dau.; Albert F. McNeill (b.1849-d.?) – son; Clarence McNeill (b.?-d.?) – son



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