Richard E. Eskridge Plantation


Location: Carroll County, Mississippi; town of Duck Hill
Date Constructed/ Founded: ca. 1845
Associated Surnames: Eskridge, Ammons
Historical Notes: Richard Edmund Eskridge (b.1826 in South Carolina) was the son of Thomas L. Eskridge (b.1801) and the namesake of this grandfather Richard E. Eskridge (b.1775). The Eskridges were a large slaveholding family that migrated from South Carolina to Mississippi. His father and grandfather owned plantations and held slaves in Carroll County. After T.L.’s death in 1838, and his sons Richard E. and William C. co-inherited slaves. The census records and slave schedules suggest that Richard E. had primary control of the inheritance (instead of his brother William C.).
Associated PagesT.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)


Eskridge family (Carroll Co., MS): Moses Eskridge (b.1810-d.?); Winny Eskridge (b.1814-d.?) – wife; Squire Eskridge (b.1849-d.?) – son; Louis Eskridge (b.1851-d.?) – son; Jenna Eskridge (b.1857-d.?) – dau.

Information from Antebellum Census & Estate Records

1845: To Richard Eskridge (son) & William Eskridge (son) – Bill (125), Ruth (500), Winny and child Squire (500) [1845 Estate of Thomas L. Eskridge, Carroll Co., MS]

1850: female age 30 (b.1820), female age 22 (b.1828), 1 (unreadable), 1 (unreadable) [1850 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Carroll Co., MS, Richard E. Eskridge]

1854: Lot #1 drawn by W.C. Eskridge (son) – Moses ($1200), Nancy (300), Betsey (700), John (600), Tom (475); [1854 Estate of Thomas L. Eskridge]

1860: Group 1 – female age 40 (b.1820), male age 30 (b.1830), female age 28 (b.1832), male age 16 (b.1844); Group 2 – male age 19 (b.1841), female age 8 (b.1852), female age 6 (b.1854), male age 3 (b.1857), male age 3 (b.1857), female age 9 mo. (b.1860), female age 6 mo. (b.1860) [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Carroll Co., MS, Richard E. Eskridge, 11 total, 2 houses]
Note: There are two Richard Eskridge households near each other in October 1860 [US Federal Census, Carroll Co., MS], Richard (age 85, with son Tollivar et. al., estate value = $92,000) and Richard E. (age 34, with wife Louisa et. al., estate value = $5,000). Therefore the assumption is that the shorter enslaved persons list is associated with the younger Richard.



Eskridge familyRichard Edmund Eskridge (b.1826-d.1896) – son of T.L. and J.A.L. Eskridge, see T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS); Luisa Ann Ammons Eskridge (b.1828-d.?) – wife (m.1845); Harriet Eskridge (b.1847-d.?) – dau.; Mary Eskridge (b.1848-d.?) – dau.; Samuel Eskridge (b.1852-d.?) – son; George R. Eskridge (b.1853-d.?) – son; Elizabeth Eskridge (b.1855-d.?) – dau.; Emily Clara Eskridge (b.1857-d.?) – dau.; William E. Eskridge (b.1860-d.?) – son; L.A. Eskridge (b.1862-d.?) – dau.; J.A. Eskridge (b.1864-d.?) – son; T.C. Eskridge (b.1866) – son



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  • Rootsweb World Connect: Raper, Vanderford, Kingsland, Wilkins and Connecting Branches (Richard Edmund Eskridge, ID: I95597)

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