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  • Statehood: 1788; some counties were established before Georgia became a state
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County Year Est. Details
Appling 1818 from land ceded by the Creek Indians in the Treaty of Fort Jackson in 1814 and the Treaty of the Creek Agency in 1818
Atkinson 1917 from Clinch and Coffee counties
Bacon 1914 from Appling, Pierce and Ware counties
Baker 1825 from Early County
Baldwin 1803 from the Creek cessions of 1802 and 1805
Banks 1859 from Franklin and Habersham counties
Barrow 1914 from Gwinnett, Jackson and Walton counties
Bartow 1832 from a portion of Cherokee County in 1832; originally named Cass County after General Lewis Cass
Ben Hill 1906 from Irwin and Wilcox counties
Berrien 1856 from Coffee, Irwin, and Lowndes counties
Bibb 1822 from portions of Houston, Jones, Monroe, and Twiggs counties
Bleckley 1912 from Pulaski County
Brantley 1920 from Charlton, Pierce, and Wayne counties
Brooks 1858 from Lowndes and Thomas counties
Bryan 1793 from Chatham County
Bulloch 1796 from Bryan and Screven counties
Burke 1777 from St. George Parish, renamed Burke County
Butts 1825 from Henry and Monroe counties
Calhoun 1854 from Early and Baker counties
Camden 1777 from St. Mary and St. Thomas Parishes
Candler 1914 from Bulloch, Emanuel and Tattnall counties
Carroll 1826 from lands ceded by the Creek Indians in 1825 in the Treaty of Indian Springs
Catoosa 1853 from Walker and Whitfield counties
Charlton 1854 from Camden County
Chatham 1777 from Christ Church and St. Philip Parishes
Chattahoochee 1854 from Muscogee and Marion counties
Chattooga 1838 from Walker and Floyd counties
Cherokee 1831 from the Cherokee Cession of 1831
Clarke 1801 from Jackson County
Clay 1854 from Randolph and Early counties
Clayton 1858 from Fayette and Henry counties
Clinch 1850 from Lowndes and Ware counties
Cobb 1832 from Cherokee County
Coffee 1854 from Clinch, Irwin, Telfair and Ware counties
Colquitt 1856 from Thomas and Lowndes counties
Columbia 1790 from Richmond County
Cook 1918 from Berrien County
Coweta 1826 from Creek lands ceded in 1825 in the treaty of Indian Springs and Creek Cessions of 1826
Crawford 1822 from Houston County
Crisp 1905 from Dooly County
Dade 1837 from Walker County
Dawson 1857 from Gilmer and Lumpkin counties
Decatur 1823 from Early County
DeKalb 1822 from Henry, Gwinnett, and Fayette counties
Dodge 1870 from Montgomery, Pulaski and Telfair counties
Dooly 1821 from Creek Cession of 1821
Dougherty 1853 from Baker County
Douglas 1870 from Campbell and Carroll counties
Early 1818 from Creek Cession of 1814
Echols 1858 from Clinch and Lowndes counties
Effingham 1777 from St Mathew and St Philip parishes
Elbert 1790 from Wilkes County
Emanuel 1812 from Bulloch and Montgomery counties
Evans 1914 from Bulloch and Tattnall County
Fannin 1854 from Gilmer and Union counties
Fayette 1821 from Creek Cession of 1821
Floyd 1832 from Cherokee County
Forsyth 1832 from Cherokee County
Franklin 1784 from the Cherokee and Creek Cessions of 1783
Fulton 1853 from DeKalb County plus the former Campbell and Milton counties and a portion of Cobb County
Gilmer 1832 from Cherokee County
Glascock 1857 from Warren County
Glynn 1777 from St. David and St Patrick Parishes
Gordon 1850 from Cass (now Bartow) and Floyd counties
Grady 1905 from Decatur and Thomas counties
Greene 1786 from Washington County
Gwinnett 1818 from the Cherokee Cession of 1817 and Creek Cession of 1818
Habersham 1818 from the Cherokee Cessions of 1817 and 1819
Hall 1818 from the Cherokee Cessions of 1817 and 1819
Hancock 1793 from Greene and Washington counties
Haralson 1856 from Carroll and Polk counties
Harris 1827 from Muscogee and Troup counties
Hart 1853 from Elbert and Franklin counties
Heard 1830 from Carroll, Coweta and Troup counties
Henry 1821 from the Creek Cession of 1821
Houston 1821 from the Creek Cession of 1821
Irwin 1818 from the Creek Cessions of 1814 and 1818
Jackson 1796 from Franklin County
Jasper 1807 from Baldwin (formerly Randolph County 1807-1812)
Jeff Davis 1905 from Appling and Coffee counties
Jefferson 1796 from Burke and Warren counties
Jenkins 1905 from Bulloch, Burke, Emanuel, and Screven counties
Johnson 1858 from Emanuel, Laurens and Washington counties
Jones 1807 from Baldwin County
Lamar 1920 from Monroe and Pike counties
Lanier 1920 from Berrien, Clinch and Lowndes countries
Laurens 1807 from Wilkinson County
Lee 1826 from the Creek Cessions of 1826
Liberty 1777 from St. Andrew, St James, and St. John Parishes
Lincoln 1796 from Wilkes County
Long 1920 from Liberty County
Lowndes 1825 from Irwin County
Lumpkin 1832 from Cherokee, Habersham, and Hall counties
Macon 1837 from Houston and Marion counties
Madison 1811 from Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Jackson and Oglethorpe counties
Marion 1827 from Lee and Muscogee counties
McDuffie 1870 from Columbia and Warren
McIntosh 1793 from Liberty County
Meriwether 1827 from Formed from Troup County
Miller 1856 from Baker and Early counties
Mitchell 1857 from Baker County
Monroe 1821 from Creek Cession of 1821
Montgomery 1793 from Washington County
Morgan 1807 from Baldwin County
Murray 1832 from Cherokee County
Muscogee 1826 from Creek Cession of 1826
Newton 1821 from Henry, Jasper, and Walton counties
Oconee 1875 from Clarke County
Oglethorpe 1793 from Wilkes County
Paulding 1832 from Cherokee County
Peach 1924 from Houston and Macon counties
Pickens 1853 from Cherokee and Gilmer counties
Pierce 1857 from Appling and Ware counties
Pike 1822 from Monroe County
Polk 1851 from Floyd and Paulding counties
Pulaski 1808 from Laurens County
Putnam 1807 from Baldwin County
Quitman 1858 from Randolph and Stewart counties
Rabun 1819 from Cherokee Cession of 1819
Randolph 1828 from Lee County
Richmond 1777 from St. Paul Parish
Rockdale 1870 from Henry and Newton counties
Schley 1857 from Marion and Sumter counties
Screven 1793 from Burke and Effingham counties
Seminole 1920 from Decatur and Early counties
Spalding 1851 from Fayette, Henry, and Pike counties
Stephens 1905 from Franklin and Habersham counties
Stewart 1830 from Randolph County
Sumter 1831 from Lee County
Talbot 1827 from Muscogee County
Taliaferro 1825 from Greene, Hancock, Oglethorpe, Warren, and Wilkes counties
Tattnall 1801 from Montgomery County
Taylor 1852 from Macon, Marion and Talbot counties
Telfair 1807 from Wilkinson County
Terrell 1856 from Lee and Randolph counties
Thomas 1825 from Decatur and Irwin counties
Tift 1905 from Berrien, Irwin and Worth counties
Toombs 1905 from Emanuel, Tattnall, and Montgomery counties
Towns 1856 from Rabun and Union counties
Treutlen 1918 from Emanuel and Montgomery counties
Troup 1826 from Creek Cession of 1826
Turner 1905 from Dooly, Irwin, Wilcox and Worth counties
Twiggs 1809 from Wilkinson County
Union 1832 from Cherokee County
Upson 1824 from Crawford and Pike counties
Walker 1833 from Murray County
Walton 1818 from Creek Cession of 1818
Ware 1824 from Appling County
Warren 1793 from Columbia, Hancock, Richmond, and Wilkes counties
Washington 1784 from Creek Cession of 1783
Wayne 1803 from Creek Cession of 1802
Webster 1853 from Stewart County (Formally Kinchafoonee)
Wheeler 1912 from Montgomery County
White 1857 from Habersham County
Whitfield 1851 from Murray County
Wilcox 1857 from Dooly, Irwin, and Pulaski counties
Wilkes 1777 from the Cherokee and Creek Cessions of 1773
Wilkinson 1803 from the Creek Cessions of 1802 and 1805
Worth 1853 from Dooly and Irwin counties