North Carolina

NORTH CAROLINA: Click this link to see all slave labor sites in the state.

  • Statehood: 1789; some counties were established before Mississippi became a state
  • COUNTIES: Click one of the counties below to see all plantation/ workplaces in that county.
County Year Est. Details
Alamanche 1849 from Orange County
Albemarle 1664 subdivided in 1668, discontinued in 1689
Alexander 1847 from Iredell, Caldwell, and Wilkes Counties
Alleghany 1859 from Ashe County
Anson 1750 from Bladen County
Archdale 1705 from Bath County, and became Craven County in 1712
Ashe 1799 from Wilkes County
Bath 1696 subdivided in 1705
Beaufort 1712 from Bath/ Pamptecough County
Bertie 1722 from Chowan County
Bladen 1734 from New Hanover County
Brunswick 1764 from New Hanover and Bladen Counties
Buncombe 1791 from Burke and Rutherford Counties
Burke 1777 from Rowan County
Bute 1764 from Granville County, became Franklin and Warren Counties in 1779
Cabarrus 1792 from Mecklenburg County
Caldwell 1841 from Burke and Wilkes Counties
Camden 1777 from Pasquotank County
Carteret 1722 from Craven County
Caswell 1777 from Orange County
Catawba 1842 from Lincoln County
Chatham 1771 from Orange County
Cherokee 1839 from Macon County
Chowan 1670 from Albemarle County
Clay 1861 from Cherokee County
Cleveland 1841 from Rutherford and Lincoln Counties
Columbus 1808 from Bladen and Brunswick Counties
Craven 1712 from Archdale Precnict of Bath County
Cumberland 1754 from Bladen County
Currituck 1681 from Albemarle County
Dare 1870 from Currituck, Tyrell and Hyde Counties
Davidson 1822 from Rowan County
Davie 1836 from Rowan County
Dobbs 1758 from Johnston County, and became Glasgow and Lenoir in 1791
Duplin 1750 from New Hanover County
Durham 1881 from Orange and Wake Counties
Edgecombe 1741 from Bertie County
Forsyth 1849 from Stokes County
Franklin 1779 from Bute County
Gaston 1846 from Lincoln County
Gates 1779 from Chowan, Hertford and Perquimans Counties
Glasgow 1791 from Dobbs County, became Greene County in 1799
Granville 1746 from Edgecombe County
Greene 1799 from Glasgow County
Guilford 1770 from Rowan and Organge Counties
Halifax 1758 from Edgecombe County
Harnett 1855 from Cumberland County
Haywood 1808 from Buncombe County
Henderson 1838 from Buncombe County
Hertford 1759 from Bertie, Chowan and Northampton Counties
Hyde 1705 from Wickham Precint/ Bath County
Iredell 1788 from Rowan County
Jackson 1851 from Haywood and Macon Counties
Johnston 1746 from Craven County
Jones 1778 from Craven County
Lenoir 1791 from Dobbs County
Lincoln 1779 from Tryon County
Macon 1828 from Haywood County
Madison 1851 from Buncombe and Yancey County
Martin 1774 from Halifax and Tyrrell Counties
Mcdowell 1842 from Burke and Rutherford Counties
Mecklenburg 1762 from Anson County
Mitchell 1861 from Burke, Caldwell, McDowell, Watauga and Yancey Counties
Montgomery 1779 from Anson County
Moore 1784 from Cumberland County
Nash 1777 from Edgecombe County
New Hanover 1729 from Craven County
Northampton 1741 from Bertie County
Onslow 1734 from New Hanover County
Orange 1752 from Bladen, Granville and Johnston Counties
Pasquotank 1681 from Albemarle County
Pender 1875 from New Hanover County
Perquimans 1679 from Albemarle County
Person 1791 from Caswell County
Pitt 1760 from Beaufort County
Polk 1855 from Handerson and Rutherford Counties
Randolph 1779 from Guliford County
Richmond 1779 from Anson County
Robeson 1787 from Baden County
Rockingham 1785 from Guliford County
Rowan 1753 from Anson County
Rutherford 1779 from Burke and Tryon Counties
Sampson 1784 from Duplin County
Stanly 1841 from Montgomery County
Stokes 1789 from Surry County
Surry 1770 from Rowan County
Transylvania 1861 from Henderson and Jackson Counties
Tryon 1769 from Mecklenburg County, became Lincoln and Rutherford Counties in 1779
Tyrell 1729 from Bertie, Chowan, Currituck and Pasquotank Counties
Union 1842 from Anson and Mecklenburg Counties
Vance 1881 from Fraklin, Granville and Warren Counties
Wake 1771 from Cumberland, Johnston and Orange Counties
Warren 1779 from Bute County
Washington 1799 from Tyrell County
Watauga 1849 from Ashe, Caldwell, Wilkes and Yancey Counties
Wayne 1779 from Dobbs County
Wilkes 1778 from Surry County
Wilson 1855 from Edgecombe, Johnston, Nash and Wayne Counties
Yadkin 1850 from Surry County
Yancey 1833 from Buncombe and Burke Counties