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  • Statehood: 1796; some counties were established before Tennessee became a state
  • COUNTIES: Click one of the counties below to see all plantations/ workplaces in that county.
County Year Est. Details
Anderson 1801 from Knox and Grainger counties
Bedford 1807 from Rutherford County
Benton 1835 from Humphreys County
Bledsoe 1807 from Roane County and Indian lands
Blount 1795 from Knox County
Bradley 1836 from Indian lands
Campbell 1806 from Anderson and Claiborne counties
Cannon 1836 from Rutherford, Smith and Warren counties
Carroll 1821 from Indian lands
Carter 1796 from Washington County
Cheatham 1856 from Davidson, Dickson, Montgomery and Robertson counties
Chester 1879 from Hardeman, Henderson, McNairy and Madison counties
Claiborne 1801 from Grainger and Hawkins counties
Clay 1870 from Jackson and Overton counties
Cocke 1797 from Jefferson County
Coffee 1836 from Bedford, Warren and Franklin counties
Crockett 1871 from Haywood, Madison, Dyer and Gibson counties
Cumberland 1855 from White, Bledsoe, Rhea, Morgan, Fentress and Putnam counties
Davidson 1783 from Part of North Carolina
Decatur 1845 from Perry County
DeKalb 1837 from Franklin, Cannon, Jackson and White counties
Dickson 1803 from Montgomery and Robertson counties
Dyer 1823 from Indian lands
Fayette 1824 from Indian lands
Fentress 1823 from Morgan, Overton, and White counties
Franklin 1807 from Rutherford County and Indian lands
Gibson 1823 from Indian lands
Giles 1809 from Indian lands
Grainger 1796 from Hawkins and Knox counties
Greene 1783 from Washington County
Grundy 1844 from Coffee, Warren, and Franklin counties
Hamblen 1870 from Jefferson, Grainger, and Greene counties
Hamilton 1819 from Rhea County and Indian lands
Hancock 1844 from Hawkins and Claiborne counties
Hardeman 1823 from Hardin County and Indian lands
Hardin 1819 from Indian lands
Hawkins 1786 from Sullivan County
Haywood 1823 from Indian lands
Henderson 1821 from Indian lands
Henry 1821 from Indian lands
Hickman 1807 from Dickson County
Houston 1871 from Dickson, Humphreys, Montgomery, and Stewart counties
Humphreys 1809 from Stewart County
Jackson 1801 from Smith County and Indian lands
Jefferson 1792 from Greene and Hawkins counties
Johnson 1836 from Carter County
Knox 1792 from Greene and Hawkins counties
Lake 1870 from Obion County
Lauderdale 1835 from Haywood, Dyer and Tipton counties
Lawrence 1817 from Hickman County and Indian lands
Lewis 1843 from Hickman, Lawrence, Maury, and Wayne counties
Lincoln 1809 from Bedford County
Loudon 1870 from Roane, Monroe, Blount and McMinn counties
Macon 1842 from Smith and Sumner counties
Madison 1821 from Indian lands
Marion 1817 from Indian lands
Marshall 1836 from Giles, Bedford, Lincoln, and Maury counties
Maury 1807 from Williamson County and Indian lands
McMinn 1819 from Indian lands
McNairy 1823 from Hardin County
Meigs 1836 from Rhea County
Monroe 1819 from Indian lands
Montgomery 1796 from Tennessee County
Moore 1871 from Bedford, Lincoln, and Franklin counties
Morgan 1817 from Anderson and Roane counties
Obion 1823 from Indian lands
Overton 1806 from Jackson County and Indian lands
Perry 1819 from Humphreys and Hickman counties
Pickett 1879 from Fentress and Overton counties
Polk 1839 from McMinn and Bradley counties
Putnam 1854 from Fentress, Jackson, Smith, White and Overton counties
Rhea 1807 from Roane County
Roane 1801 from Knox County and Indian lands
Robertson 1796 from Tennessee and Sumner counties
Rutherford 1803 from Davidson, Williamson and Wilson counties
Scott 1849 from Anderson, Campbell, Fentress and Morgan counties
Sequatchie 1857 from Hamilton, Marion and Warren counties
Sevier 1794 from Jefferson County
Shelby 1819 from Chickasaw Nation lands acquired through the Jackson Purchase
Smith 1799 from Sumner County and Indian lands
Stewart 1803 from Montgomery County
Sullivan 1779 from Washington County
Sumner 1786 from Davidson County
Tipton 1823 from Shelby County (previously Chickasaw lands)
Trousdale 1870 from Wilson, Macon, Smith and Sumner counties
Unicoi 1875 from Washington and Carter County
Union 1850 from Grainger, Claiborne, Campbell, Anderson and Knox counties
Van Buren 1840 from Warren and White counties
Warren 1807 from White, Jackson, Smith counties and Indian lands
Washington 1777 from Part of North Carolina
Wayne 1817 from Hickman County
Weakley 1823 from Indian lands
White 1806 from Jackson and Smith counties
Williamson 1799 from Davidson County
Wilson 1799 from Sumner County