Arlington Plantation


Location: Ward 3, Township 21 North, Range 12 East, Section 4, (East) Carroll Parish, Louisiana, 1,400 acres
Date Constructed/ Founded: not determined
Associated Surnames: Childers, McGraw, Sparrow, Houghton, Voelker, Millikin, Patten
Historical Notes: Arlington Plantation was owned by several families: in 1824 by Hastin M. (b. ? – d. 1834) and Matilda McGraw Childers (b. ? – d. 1852), and in 1852 by Edward and Minerva Parker Sparrow. Later Arlington was owned by Dr. Nathaniel Houghton who lived and operated an office at Arlington, then by  C.A. Sr. and Kate Ashbridge Voelker, then by James S. Millikin. In Hastin M. Childers’ will (ca. 1834), he emancipated the enslaved families and and conveyed them to Liberia with passage money and clothing for a year. However, his plantation and fortune were given to his wife Matilda who later married Thomas Robedeau Patten in 1837. Edward Sparrow was the lawyer who drew up the will of Mrs. Matilda M. Childers Patten and had arranged to purchase Arlington for nearly $50,000 in 1852 which included 80 slaves. The sale was canceled and then was finalized in 1859 for $75,000. Kate Ashbridge Voelker was related to Edward Sparrow.
Associated Pages: none


1860: 2 slaves [1860 Federal Slave Schedule, Sparrow and Edward Sparrow]


Childers family: Hastin M. Childers (b. ? – d. 1834) – owner (1824); Matilda McGraw Childers (b. ? – d. 1852) – wife of H.M. Childers

Patten family: Matilda McGraw Childers Patten (b. ? – d. 1852) – owner (1834), widow of H.M. Childers; Thomas Robedeau Patten – second husband of M.M.C. Patten

Sparrow familyEdward Sparrow – owner (1852); Minerva Parker Sparrow – wife of E. Sparrow


  • 1860 Mortality Schedule: 10 slaves listed with last name Sparrow
  • 1870 US Census Location: Arlington Plantation


  • Arlington is in the National Register of Historic Places – Building #80004476


  • A Place to Remember, East Carroll Parish 1832-1975 by Georgia Payne Durham Pinkston; East Carroll Parish Tax Assessors Roll 2006-2007 for legal land descriptions



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