David Anderson Plantation


Location: Albemarle County, Virginia
Date Constructed/ Founded: not determined
Associated Surnames: Anderson, Hudson
Historical Notes: none
Associated Pages: none


1789: To William Anderson (son) – JackLucy, Massie, Will, also Coy, Dinah, Francis, Ned; to David Anderson (son) – Amey, Bess, John, Sal; to Richard Anderson (son) – EastherHannah, Jupiter, Sawney; to Mary Johnson Anderson and Elizabeth Anderson (granddaughters) – Daphney (daughter of Frances), Easther (daughter of Easther), Harwood, Jessee; to Ann Minor (daughter) – Cloe, Isaac, Lydda, Sam; to Thomas Anderson (son) – Aggey, Gilbert, Moses, Winny; to Sarah Hudson (daughter) – Patt and her son Ned, Sawney, Ann; to Edmund Anderson (son) – Beck and her two children Lydday and Lewis, Frank, Roger; to Samuel Anderson (son) – Abraham, Cate, Peter, Pompy, Stephen; to Anderson Barret (grandson) – Hannah and her sons Charles and Lewis, Page (purchased by D.O. Anderson from General Nelson, apprenticed to William Dabney Minor, carpenter); to Elizabeth Anderson (wife) – Ben, Lucky, Kuzzy and her son Landrey [1789 Will of David Anderson, Albemarle County]

1793: To Anderson Barret (grandson, already in his possession) – AmeySanetoll (Landrey?); to Nathaniel Anderson (son) – Kuzzy [Will of Elizabeth Mills Anderson, Albemarle County]


Anderson familyDavid Overton Anderson (b.1715-d.1793) – owner; Elizabeth Mills Anderson (b.1723-d.1804) – wife; William Anderson (b.1739-d.?) – son; Nathaniel Anderson (b.1742-d.?) – son; Richard Anderson (b.1747-d.?) – son; Thomas Anderson (b.1755-d.?) – son; David Overton Anderson (b.1756-d.?) – son; Edmund Anderson (b.1753-d.?) – son; Samuel W. Anderson (b.1765-d.?) – son

Anderson family: Matthew Anderson (b.1749-d.?) – son of D.O. and E.M. Anderson; Mary Johnson Anderson (b.?-d.?) – dau. of M. Anderson; Elizabeth Anderson (b.?-d.?) – dau. of M. Anderson

Minor family: Mr. Minor (b.?-d.?); Ann Anderson Minor (b.1750-d.?) – wife, dau. of D.O. and E.M. Anderson

Barret family: Lewis Barret (b.1750-d.?); Elizabeth Anderson Barret (b.1753-d.1773) – wife, dau. of D.O. and E.M. Anderson; Anderson Barret (b.?-d.?) – son of L. and E.A. Barret

Hudson family: Christopher Hudson (b.?-d.?); Sarah Anderson Hudson (b.1758-d.?) – wife, dau. of D.O. and E.M. Anderson



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  • David Anderson’s Plantation originally submitted by Scott Rode.



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