Meriwether Plantation


Location: Greene Co., AL; town of Eutaw
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Meriwether, Wolstenholm
Historical Notes: Joseph Meriwether and his family may have moved from Abbeville District South Carolina to Greene County, AL since his son Williamson was born there (SC). After Joseph Meriwether passed away in 1836, the plantation was divided and run by his widow and children. His son James M. Meriwether served as Justice of the peace beginning in 1835 [ Alabama, Civil Appointments, 1818-1939].
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Information from Antebellum Census & Estate Records

1830: 27 slaves – 2 boys under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 3 males, age 10 – 23 (b.1807-1820); 6 men, age 23 – 35 (b.1795-1807); 3 men, age 36 – 54 (b.1776-1794); 6 girls under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 4 females, age 10 – 23 (b.1807-1820); 3 women, age 36 – 54 (b.1776-1794); [1830 US Federal Census, Greene Co., MS, Joseph Meriwether]

1836: To son J.M. Meriwether – man Jack; to son W. Meriwether – man Allen ; to J.J. Meriwether – boy little Gib; to daughter E. Meriwether – girl Violet [1836 Will of Joseph Meriwether]

1850: Male age 47 (b.1803), Female age 29 (b.1821), Female age 46 (b.1804), Female age 30 (b.1820), Female age 25 (b.1825), Female age (b.1850) [1850 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Greene Co., AL, Williamson Meriwether, 5 total, no houses]

1850: Female age 44 (b.1806), Female age 33 (b.1817), Male age 21 (b.1829), Female age 17 (b.1833), Female age 16 (b.1834), Female age 11 (b.1839), Male age 6 (b.1844), Female age 2 (b.1848) [1850 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Greene Co., AL, James M. Meriwether, 8 total, no houses]


Meriwether family: Joseph Meriwether (b.1777-d.1836) – owner of Meriwether Plantation; Martha Meriwether (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.?); James M. Meriwether (b.1809-d.?) – son; Williamson Meriwether (b.1810-d.1857) – son; John J. Meriwether (b.?-d.?) – son; E. Meriwether (b.?-d.?) – dau.

Wolstenholm family: Sarah R. Wolstenholm (b.?-d.bef.1836) – dau. of J. Meriwether


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