Clinckscales Plantation


Location: Abbeville County, South Carolina; near Antreville, along the northern fork of Penney Creek
Date Constructed/ Founded: not determined
Associated Surnames: Brownlee, Clinckscales, Cowan, Hamilton, Merriman
Historical Notes: The plantation included about 10,000 acres in 1820.
Associated Pages: Broadway Plantation (Abbeville Co., SC), JW Clinckscales Plantation (Fort Bend Co., TX), James Huey Plantation (Abbeville Co., SC)


Clinckscales family: Cyrus (b.?-d.?); Mary (b.?-d.?) – wife; Sorrow (b.?-d.?) – child

Clinckscales family: Frank Clinckscales (b.1800-d.?); Elizabeth Clinckscales (b.1820-d.?) – wife; Charles Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – son; Anna Clinckscales (b.1859-d.?) – dau.; Barbara Clinckscales (b.1864-d.?) – dau.

Clinckscales family: May Clinckscales (b.1822-d.?); Cinda Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – wife; Madison Clinckscales (b.1853-d.?) – son; Joseph Clinckscales (b.1855-d.?) – son; Rebecca (b.1857-d.?) – dau.

1810: 6 slaves [1810 United States Federal Census, Abbeville Co., SC, Francis Clinckscales]

1820: 8 slaves – 2 boys under age 14 (b.1805-1820); 2 males, age 14 – 25 (b.1806-1795); 3 girls under age 14 (b.1805-1820); 1 female, age 14 – 25 (b.1806-1795) [1820 United States Federal Census, Abbeville Co., SC, Francis B. Clinckscales]

1830: 17 slaves – 5 boys under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 1 male, age 10 – 23 (b.1807-1820); 3 men, age 24 – 35 (b.1795-1806); 4 girls under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 2 females, age 10 – 23 (b.1807-1820) [1840 United States Federal Census, Abbeville Co., SC, Frances Clinckscales]

1840: 29 slaves – 5 boys under age 10 (b.1831-1840); 4 males, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 6 men, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816); 7 girls under age 10 (b.1831-1840); 5 females, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 2 women, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816) [1840 United States Federal Census, Abbeville Co., SC, F. B. Clinckscales]

1857: Frank, Eliza – wife of Frank; May, Cinda – wife of May; Louisa (girl); Cyrus (man), Mary – wife [bequeathed to wife B.D. Clinckscales, Will of Francis B. Clinckscales, 1857]
Notes: Cyrus was granted the “privilege” to choose one of the Clinckscale heirs (children) as his family’s new enslaver. F.B. Clinckscales requested that enslaved persons be sold as families, if possible, to prevent the separation of spouses and small children.

1857: Men/boys – Claborn ($600), Randle (1200), Jack (1250), Henry (1300), Ned (600); Women/girls – Rachel (600), Amanda (1000), Betsy (1100), Chaney (600); Peter and Helan (1600); Adderson (1000); Abner (deceased, 300); Melley and Harrison (1600); Sam and Anny, and two children Elleson and Anthony (2500); Susan and child (1200); Emeline and Maddsion (900); Elijah (900); Dave (600); Robbin (700); Kaziah (1100); Aggy and child (1200); Sue (1500); Cyrus, Mary, and child Sorrow (1500) [Estate appraisal, F.B. Clinckscales 1857]

1857: Sold to W.R. Poole – Lewis (man $1700); sold to W.V. Clinckscales – Jack (boy, 1500), Dave (boy, 810), Madison (boy, 305), Amanda (girl, 1055), Ned (boy, 700); sold to J.M. Hamilton – Henry (boy, 1500), Sam, Anny and children Elington and Andy (3155), Harrison and Milly (girl) (1550); sold to G.B. Clinckscales – Peter (man) and Helen (wife) (1200), Aggy (girl) and child (1405), Kiziah (girl, 1215), Clayborn (boy, 610); sold to Robert Burton – Susan (girl) and Laurens (child) (1575); sold to S.D. Merriman – Adison/Adderson (boy, 1000), Betty (girl, 1210), Randal (boy, 1205); sold to J.W. Clinckscales – Elijah (boy, 960); sold to B.D. Clinckscales (widow) – Emaline (girl, 710), Abner (boy) and Chaney (905), Robbin (boy, 830), Rachel (girl, 800) [Estate account pages, F.B. Clinckscales]

18??: Louisa (girl, $1100); Frank, Lizzie, and children Charly, and Ann (2000); Cinda and children Joe and Rebecca (1600); May (1200) [Appraisal of the inheritance of B.B. Clinckscales, Estate account pages, F.B. Clinckscales]

1863: Frank, Liz, and Ann ($1500); Charles (750); Louisa and child (1450); Joe and Rebecca (600); May (1200) [Appraisal of the inheritance of B.B. Clinckscales, Estate account pages, F.B. Clinckscales]

1863: Sold to S.D. Merriman – Frank, Liz, and child Ann ($1700), Charley (645); sold to W.V. Clinckscales – Louisa and child (1555), May (1310); Joe and Rebecca (805)


Clinckscales family: Francis Bucher Clinckscales (b.1786-d.1858) – owner; Elizabeth Eleanor “Ally” Brownlee Clinckscales (b.-d.) – first wife of F.B. Clinckscales (m.?); James Francis Clinckscales (b.1818-d.?) – son; James Wesley Clinckscales (b.1824-d.1865) – son, owner of JW Clinckscales Plantation (Fort Bend Co., TX); Elizabeth Clinckscales (b.1826-d.1829) – dau.; Barbara D. Purcell Clinckscales (b.1805-d.1862) – second wife of F.B. Clinckscales; William Virgil Clinckscales (b.1834-d.1907) – son of F.B. and B.D.P. Clinckscales

Clinckscales family: George Brownlee Clinckscales (b.1813-d.?) – son of F.B. and E.E.B. Clinckscales, owner of Broadway Plantation (Abbeville Co., SC)

Clinckscales familyJohn Brownlee Clinckscales (b.1815-d.1857) – son of F.B. and E.E.B. Clinckscales; Jane Kay Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – wife; James Wesley Clinkscales (b.1839) – dau.; Anne Elizabeth Clinkscales (b.1842) – dau.; Florence Elizabeth “Eugenia” Clinkscales (b.1845) – dau.; Francis Brownlee Clinkscales (b.1841) – son; Sarah E. “Sallie” Clinkscales (b.1843) – dau.; Albert Marshall “Alfred” Clinkscales (b.1855) – son

Clinckscales familyAlbert J. Clinckscales (b.1819-d.1895) – son of F.B. and E.E.B. Clinckscales; Sarah C. Huey Clinkscales (b.1822-d.1910) – wife (m.1842), see James Huey Plantation (Abbeville Co., SC)

Cowan family: John Cowan (b.1805-d.?); Sarah Brownlee Clinckscales Cowan (b.1811-d.1852) – wife (m.1830), dau. of F.B. and E.E.B. Clinckscales; Sophronia Clinkscales Cowan (b.1835-d.?) – dau.; Isaac B. Cowan (b.1830-d.?) – son; James M. Cowan (b.1832-d.?) – son; Jane Eleanor Cowan (b.1834-d.?) – dau.; Mary L. Cowan (b.1838-d.?) – dau.; Martha Edna Cowan (b.1839-d.?) – dau.; John Wesley Cowan (b.1842-d.?) – son; William Tully Cowan (b.1845-d.?) – son; Sarah Elizabeth Cowan (b.1846-d.?) – dau.; Lewis Francis Cowan (b.1848-d.?) – son
Note: children were heirs of 1/8th of the F.B. Clinckscales estate in 1857

Hamilton family: John McGill Hamilton (b.?-d.?); Mary Caroline Clinckscales Hamilton (b.1821-d.1894) – wife, dau. of F.B. and B.D. Clinckscales; Mollie Hamilton (b.?-d.?) – dau.; Ally Hamilton (b.?-d.?) – dau.

Merriman family: S.D. Merriman (b.?-d.?); Louisa Jane Clinckscales Merriman (b.1828-d.1891) – wife (m.1845), dau. of F.B. and B.D. Clinckscales


  • Abbeville County Historical Society, Abbeville County, Images of America (Charleston, SC: Arcadia Publishing, 2004)


  • Census locations: 1810 – Pendleton, SC (Francis Clinckscales); 1820 – Abbeville, SC (Francis B. Clinckscales)
  • In his Will (1857), F.B. Clinckscales described the plantation as the Linton tract, starting at the road opposite the Gin house of James W. Crawford, continuing along a crossfence towards the woods, from there to a corner at the edge of an old field by A.J. Clinckscale’s property.


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  • Rootsweb World Connect: All Our Close/Distant Kin (Francis Bucher Clinkscales, ID: I166892).

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