Barr Plantation


Location: Abbeville County, South Carolina
Date Constructed/ Founded: not determined
Associated Surnames: Barr, Beckley, Reed, Reid
Historical Notes: none
Associated Pages: none


Barr family: Fanny Barr (b.?-d.?); Pleasant “Pleas” Barr (b.1845-d.1889) – son of Fanny Barr; Isabella Barr (b.?-d.?) – wife of P. Barr; Mariah Barr (b.?-d.?) – dau. of P. and I. Barr; William “Bill” Barr Reed (b.1846-d.1937) – son of P. and I. Barr, sold by William Barr, Jr. to Lemuel Reid of Abbeville, SC; Mary Barr – dau. of P. and I. Barr; Amanda Young Barr (b.?-d.?) – second wife of P. Barr; Elijah Barr (b.1866-d.?) – son of P. and A.Y. Barr
Notes: The family was separated in 1859 when Fanny and Isabella were taken to Pontotoc County, MS by William Barr, Jr., and Pleasant Barr was taken to Ripley, Tippah County, MS by James Giles

Beckley family: Sue Barr Beckley (b.?-d.?) – sister of Pleasant Barr; Clay Beckley (b.?-d.?) – son

1843Lewis ($50); Fannie (50); Glasgow (550); Pleasant (550); Group: Sue, Edmon, Cannon, and Vena (800); Sinah (300); John (300); Luther (175); Rinda (375); Bella (100); Mariah (425); Ivy (75); Francis (350); Sonny (550); Elbert (400) [Estate inventory of Rev. William H. Barr, Rootsweb World Connect: W.H. Barr]


Barr family: Rev. William Hampden Barr (b.1778-d.1843) – owner, Reverend of the Upper Long Cane Presbyterian Church; Rebecca Reid Barr (b.1793-d.1861) – wife; William Barr, Jr. (b.1827-d.?) – son; Lemuel Reid (b.?-d.?) – nephew of Rebecca Reid Barr


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  • Barr Plantation was originally submitted by The USF Africana Heritage Project.


  • USF Africana Heritage Project. Ancestor Stories: William Reed, Abbeville, SC (Barr Plantation), and Senatobia, Ripley, Panola, and Tate, MS
  • Reed & Puryear Family Reunion: The Reed Family History. (last accessed Jan. 9, 2019)
  • Find A Grave Memorial: Rev William Hampden Barr.
  • Rootsweb World Connect Project: Carroll & Strange (William H. (Hampton) BARR).

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