Broadway Plantation


Location: Abbeville County, South Carolina; between Johnson’s Creek/ Little River and Penny’s Creek
Date Constructed/ Founded: not determined
Associated Surnames: Black, Clements, Clinckscales, Prince
Historical Notes: Broadway Plantation was owned by George Brownlee Clinckscales. It included 1200 acres, farmed by at least 110 slaves during his son J.G. Clinckscales’ childhood, according to J.G.’s 1916 memoir.
Associated Pages: Clinckscales Plantation (Abbeville Co., SC)


Clinckscales family: Essex “Uncle Essick” Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – driver/foreman for G.B. Clinckscales, ran away from the plantation and hid in South Carolina/Georgia for three years; Dinah Clinckscales (b.1805-d.?) – wife; London Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – son

Clinckscales family: Griffin Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – teamster/wagoner for G.B. Clinckscales; Cindy Clinckscales (b.?-d.bef.1865) – first wife; Charlotte Clinckscales (b.1820-d.?) – second wife, cook for Elizabeth A.B. Clinckscales

Clinckscales family: Tom Clinckscales (b.?-d.?) – teamster/wagoner for G.B. Clinckscales; wife (unnamed)

Clinckscales family (Panola Co., MS): Rose Clinckscales (b.1810-d.?); Gracy Clinckscales (b.1852/4-d.?)

Clinckscales family: C. Clinckscales (b.?-d.?); Mack Clinckscales (b.1852-d.?); Jackson “Jack” Clinckscales (b.1855-d.?)

Watts family: Pleasant Watts (b.?-d.?); Richard “Dick” Harris (b.?-d.?) – orphaned, sold from Virginia to South Carolina (purchased by G.B. Clinckscales), crippled from typhoid fever


1840: 7 slaves – 2 males, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 1 man, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816); 2 girls, under age 10 (b.1831-1840); 1 female, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 1 woman, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816)

1850: 25 slaves – Group 1 – Male age 37 (b.1813), Female age 31 (b.1819), Male age 9 (b.1841), Male age 8 (b.1842), Male age 5 (b.1845), Female age 4 (b.1846), Male age 3 (b.1847), Male age 2 (b.1848), Female age 1 (b.1849); Group 2 – Female age 36 (b.1814), Male age 19 (b.1831), Female age 20 (b.1830), Female age 24 (b.1826), Male age 9 (b.1841); Group 3 – Female age 25 (b.1825), Female age 3 (b.1847), Female age 1 (b.1849); Group 4 – Female age 20 (b.1830), Female age 1 (b.1849); Group 5 – Female age 26 (b.1824), Male age 28 (b.1822), Male age 37 (b.1813), Male age 22 (b.1828), Male age 12 (b.1838), Male age 9 (b.1841)

1857: Sold to G.B. Clinckscales – Peter (man) and Helen (wife) (1200), Aggy (girl) and child (1405), Kiziah (girl, 1215), Clayborn (boy, 610) [Estate account pages, F.B. Clinckscales]

1864: To Sarah J. Clinckscales (daugther) – Phillis, her three children ages five to one years, Dinah (age 10); to William Clinckscales (son) –  Henry, Mack, Haney, Gracy (daughter of Rose) [Will of G.B. Clinckscales, 1864]

1864: Caborn ($650), Grif (550), Tom (1000), Chanie (700), Esseck (725), Dave (800), Warren (1000), Lindsay (1200), Anderson (700), Monday (1100), Ellick (1200), Larkin (1000), Dinah (500), Aggy and child (1200); Clo and child Sam (1350); Ike and Charly (1000); Liz and child (1400); Charlotte, Fanny, and Jack (2500); Lolah (25 years old, 500); Sally and child (1000); Tempy and children Hannah and Kate (2000); Jude (1100), Suckey (1000); Roda and child (1100); Dick (crippled, 0); special legacy to F.W. (William) Clinckscales – Henry (age 17, b.1847), Harvey (age 15, b.1849), Mack (age 12, b.1852), Gracy (age 10, b.1854); special legacy to Sally (daughter) – Phillis (age 24, b.1840), Letha (age 5, b.1859), Simon (age 3, b.1861), Cary (age 5 mo., b.1864), Dinah (age 11, b.1853) [Estate inventory, G.B. Clinckscales, 1864]


Clinckscales familyGeorge Brownlee Clinckscales (b.1813-d.1864) – owner, son of F.B. and E.E.B. Clinckscales, see Clinckscales Plantation (Abbeville Co., SC); Elizabeth Ann Black Clinckscales (b.1814-d.?) – wife (m.1834), leased the plantation to a white sharecropper following G.B. Clinckscale’s death and the Civil War; Mary Elizabeth Clinkscales (b.1837-d.?) – dau.; Francis William Clinkscales (b.1839-d.?) – son; Sarah Jane Clinkscales (b.1840-d.?) – dau.; Elizabeth “Eliza” Cassandra Clinkscales (b.1846-d.?) – dau.; Virginia Palmirah Clinkscales (b.1848-d.?) – dau.; Julia Pauline Clinkscales (b.1849-d.?) – dau.; Ida Euphrada Clinkscales (b.1851-d.?) – dau.; John George Clinkscales (b.1853-d.?) – son; Ellen Pickens Clinkscales (b.1856-d.?) – dau.

Prince family: Washington L. Prince (b.?-d.?); Martha Eleanor Clinkscales Prince (b.1835-d.?) – wife, dau. of G.B. and E.A.B. Clinckscales

Clements family: Allen Clements (b.?-d.?); Barbara Caroline Clinkscales Clements (b.1841-d.?) – wife, dau. of G.B. and E.A.B. Clinckscales


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  • J.G. Clincksales, son of G.B. Clinckscales, produced a memoir about life on the Broadway Plantation, “On the Old Plantation: Reminiscences of His Childhood.” Although apologetic and defensive of slavery, and often laden with a typical condescending view of black people, the book offers some useful information on the lives of the enslaved African-Americans, names of enslaved persons, and a description of the plantation.


  • Rootsweb World Connect: All Our Close/Distant Kin (George Brownlee Clinkscales, ID: I36695).
  • Find A Grave Memorial: George Brownlee Clinkscales.
  • 1857 Will and estate records of Francis B. Clinckscales. South Carolina, Wills and Probate Records, 1670-1980 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015.
  • Clinckscales, J.G. On the Old Plantation: Reminiscences of His Childhood. Band & White. 1916.

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