James Mayo Plantation


Location: Albemarle County, Virginia
Date Constructed/ Founded: not determined
Associated Surnames: Anderson, Dawson, Harris, Henley, Hunt, Isbell, Ladd, Mayo, Phillips, Richardson, Trent, Williams, Williamson
Historical Notes: James Mayo was born in Middlesex Co., VA and later moved to Albemarle Co. where he established his plantation.
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Mayo family: Beck Mayo (b.?-d.?); Nan Mayo (b.1738-d.?) – dau.; Dick Mayo (b.1739-d.?)


1738 – 1739: Nan born to Beck (1738), Dick born to Beck (1739) [mentioned as slaves of James Mayo, Christ Church Parish Register]

1776: To Martha Ladd (daughter) – Jane; to Mary Mayo (daughter) – Sarah [Will of James Mayo, 1776, The Virginia Genealogist. Volume 7]

1800: 1 over age 16 (b.bef.1784) [James Mayo, Personal Property Tax Lists …]


Mayo family: James Mayo (b.1711-d.1776) – owner;  Ruth Underwood Mayo (b.?-d.1734) – first wife (m.?); Valentine Mayo (b.1734-d.?) – son of J. and R.U. Mayo;  Martha Williamson Mayo (b.1717-d.1794) – second wife of J. Mayo (m.?); John Mayo (b.1736-d.1736) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo

Mayo familyJacob Mayo (b.1744-d.1813) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Susanna Isabel Mayo (b.1749-d.1851); Stephen D. Mayo (b.1786-d.?) – son; William James Mayo (b.1769-d.?) – son; Valentine Mayo (b: 1771-d.?) – son; Druscilla Williamson Mayo (b.?-d.?) – dau.; George Mayo (b.1774-d.?) – son; Jacob Mayo (b.1776-d.?) – son; Lucy Mayo (b.?-d.?) – dau.; Dicey Mayo (b.?-d.?) – dau.; Lewis Mayo (b.1783-d.?) – son; Susanna Charlote Mayo (b.1784-d.?) – dau.; John Williamson Mayo (b.1789-d.?) – son; Henry B. Mayo (b.?-d.?) – son; Martha Patsy Mayo (b.?-d.?) dau.

Mayo family: James Mayo (b.1738-d.1821) -son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Mary Plant Mayo (b.?-d.?) – first wife (m.1758); Mary Hughes (b.?-d.?) – second wife (m.?)

Mayo family: Robert Mayo (b.1742-d.1823) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Margaret Peggy Richardson Mayo (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.1771)

Williams family: William Williams (b.?-d.?); Ann Nancy Mayo Williams (b.1746-d.1776) – wife, dau. of J. and M.W. Mayo

Mayo familyWilliamson Mayo (b.1748-d.1793) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Hannah Phillips Mayo (b.?-d.?) – wife

Mayo familyJoseph Mayo (b.1750-d.1813) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Jean Richardson Mayo (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.1773)

Ladd family: Jehoshapat Ladd (b.?-d.?); Martha Mayo Ladd (b.1751-d.?) – wife (m.1776), dau. of J. and M.W. Mayo

Mayo familyThomas Mayo (b.1753-d.?) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Elizabeth Harris Mayo (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.1783)

Mayo familyRichard George Mayo (b.1755-d.1847) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Lucy Mandley Mayo (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.?)

Mayo familyBenjamin Mayo (b.1756-d.?) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Mary Ann Henley Mayo (b.?-d.?) – first wife (m.1779); Judith L. Hunt Mayo (b.?-d.?) – second wife (m.1800)

Mayo familyStephen Mayo (b.1757-d.1847) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Ann Dillard Isbell Mayo (b.?-d.?) – first wife (m.1783); William Mayo (b.1785-d.?) – son; Mary W. Mayo (b.1787-d.?) – dau.; James W. Mayo (b.1790-d.?) – son; Elias L. Mayo (b.1792-d.?) – son; Thomas Mayo (b.1795-d.?) – son; Stephen L. Mayo (b.1796-d.?) – son; Jacob Dillard Mayo (b.1797-d.?) – son; John Mayo (b.?-d.?) – son; George Mayo (b.?-d.?) – son; Benjamin Mayo (b.?-d.?) – son; Susannah Trent Mayo (b.?-d.?) – second wife of S. Mayo (m.1805); Rebecca Dawson Mayo (b.1815-d.?) – third wife of S. Mayo (m.1834)

Anderson family: Nathaniel Anderson (b.?-d.?); Mary Mayo Anderson (b.1764-d.?) – wife (m.1783), dau. of J. and M.W. Mayo

Mayo familyJohn Mayo (b.1740-d.1817) – son of J. and M.W. Mayo; Elizabeth Richardson Mayo (b.?-d.?) – wife (m.?)


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