Walnut Grove Plantation


Location: Yazoo County, Mississippi
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Adams, Alexander, Brimm, Carter, Cochrine, Chancy, Christmas, Giles, Gould, Hawthorn, Hogan, Jackson, Miles, Morris, Nackle, Payford, Prize, Roach, Rockingham, Singleton, Stuart, Sustin, Taliaferro, Thompson, Walker, Washington, Wells, Williams, Winston
Historical Notes: In 1865, the Freedmen’s Bureau enumerated several formerly enslaved people in an area called Walnut Grove in Yazoo County, MS. The former owner was noted as R.H. Taliaferro, who probably also managed the plantation of his uncle William Q. Taliaferro, Taliaferro Plantation, further South in Copiah County.
Associated Pages: Taliaferro Plantation (Copiah Co., MS)


1865: Field laborers – Jeremiah Miles (b.1817), Eliza Miles (b.1835), Zelphy Miles (b.1854), Robert Sustin (b.1837), Washington Stuart (b.1783), Clarisia Stuart (b.1837), Pleasant Cochrine (b.1809), Catherine Cochrine (b.1830), Green Wells (b.1781), Sarah Wells (b.1824), Edmund Morris (b.1814), Julia Morris (b.1834), James Williams (b.1837), Virginia Williams (b.1846), “10 children” added in parentheses, George Washington (b.1838), Ester Washington (b.1832), John Chancy (b.1813), Ann Chancy (b.1830), Richard Walker (b.1834), Martha Walker (b.1834), George Rockingham (b.1832), Eliza Rockingham (b.1841), Philip Christmas (b.1837), Susan Christmas (b.1848), Amos Gould (b.1840), Malmide Gould (b.1845), Archer Winston (b.1820); Cook – Mary Winston (b.1829); House servants – Eliza Winston (b.1852), Suckey Winston (b.1851); Field laborers – Lettie Payford (b.1825), Antony Prize (b.1825), Harriet Hawthorn (b.1837), Rose Alexander (b.1834), Abner Alexander (b.1844), Sunny Alexander (b.1845), Kitty Carter (b.1783), Ellen Rockingham (b.1838), Winny Roach (b.1835), Aminela Hogan (b.1838), Mina Jackson (b.1825), Henrietta Nackle (b.1848), Anthony Adams (b.1841), Melissa Adams (b.1839), Pessy Thompson (b.1850), Cloe Adams (b.1847), Samuel Jackson (b.1849), Edmund Singleton (b.1849); House servant – Ella Giles (b.1837); Field laborer – Absolom Brimm (b.1818), “8 children” added in parentheses [Mississippi, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, Yazoo City, 1865-1866]


Taliaferro family: Richard Henry Taliaferro (b.1827-d.1908) – son of W.Q. Taliaferro’s brother Peachy Ridgway Taliaferro (b.1805); Melissa Ann Brown Taliaferro (b.1832-d.?) – wife (m.1852); Sarah Frances Taliaferro (b.1853-d.1900) – dau.; Edwin Peachy Taliaferro (b.1853) – son; Mary Brown Taliaferro (b.1856-d.?) – dau.; Frances Virginia Taliaferro (b.1857-d.?) – dau.; Richard Henry Taliaferro Jr. (b.1859-d.?) – son; Albert Brown Taliaferro (b.1861-d.?) – son; Charles Adams Taliaferro (b.1864-d.?) – son; Howard Taliaferro (b.1866-d.?) – son; Hezekiah George David Taliaferro (b.1867-d.?) – son; Melissa Taliaferro (b.1869-d.?) – dau.; Lucy Adams Taliaferro (b.1873-d.?) – dau.; Robert Young I. Taliaferro (b.1876-d.?) – son; Stuart Cochran Taliaferro (b.1878-d.?) – son



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  • None noted yet


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