Wolf Lake Plantation


Location: Yazoo County, Mississippi
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Adams, Allen, Banks, Becks, Brown, Carter, Combs, Cosby, Cox, Hardy, Holland, Keen, Kibble, Manning, Miller, Sanders, Simmons, Smith, Thomas, Walker, Williams
Historical Notes: In 1865, the Freedman’s Bureau had enumerated formerly enslaved people on the Wolf Lake Plantation, formerly owned by Simmons and Manning.
Associated Pages: none


Smith family (Yazoo Co., MS): Eliza Smith (b.1814-d.?), Becca “Beck” Smith (b.1823-d.?) – wife; Davy Smith (b.1852-d.?) – son; Joe Smith (b.1849-d.?) – son

Becks family (Yazoo Co., MS): Westly Becks (b.1832-d.?) – born in TN; Sylvia Becks (b.1830-d.?); Wesly Becks (b.1858-d.?) – son; Virginia Becks (b.1860-d.?) – dau.; Susan Becks (b.1863) – dau.


1860: 92 slaves [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Yazoo Co., MS, Simmons and Manning, page 489B]

1865: Field hands – Bettie Thomas (b.1815), Catherine Brown (b.1840), Beck Smith (b.1820) and 1 child, Eliza Kibble (b.1810) and 3 children, Silva Becks (b.1830) and 1 child, Mittie Adams (b.1847) and 6 children, Matilda Cosby (b.1825), Purmale Holland (b.1830) and 3 children, Hugah Sanders (b.1838) and 3 children, Peter Combs (b.1844) and 4 children, Harry Miller (b.1793), Polly Miller (b.1810) and 3 children, John Carter (b.1810), Maria Carter (b.1805), Dorsey Williams (b.1820), Simon Cox (b.1813), Henrietta Cox (b.1815) and 2 children, Caroline Miller (b.1843) and 3 children; Isaac Sanders (b.1842), Elerdget Banks (b.1812), Elijah Banks (b.1842), Thomas Miller (b.1843), Barbra Sanders (b.1810) and 1 child, Eliza Keen (b.1838) and 2 children, Emily Walker (b.1846) and 2 children, Dicy Becks (b.1782), Anderson Miller (b.1835), Louisa Hardy (b.1845) and 2 children, Martha Allen (b.1824) [Mississippi, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, Yazoo City, 1865-1866, Owner – Simmons & Manning]



Simmons family: Mr. Simmons (b.?-d.?) – owner

Manning family: Mr. Manning (b.?-d.?) – owner


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