Wolf Lake Plantation


Location: Yazoo County, Mississippi
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Adams, Allen, Banks, Becks, Brown, Carter, Combs, Cosby, Cox, Hardy, Holland, Keen, Kibble, Manning, Miller, Sanders, Simmons, Smith, Thomas, Walker, Williams
Historical Notes: In 1865, the Freedman’s Bureau had enumerated formerly enslaved people on the Wolf Lake Plantation, formerly owned by Simmons and Manning.
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Smith family (Yazoo Co., MS): Eliza Smith (b.1814-d.?), Becca “Beck” Smith (b.1823-d.?) – wife; Davy Smith (b.1852-d.?) – son; Joe Smith (b.1849-d.?) – son

Becks family (Yazoo Co., MS): Westly Becks (b.1832-d.?) – born in TN; Sylvia Becks (b.1830-d.?); Wesly Becks (b.1858-d.?) – son; Virginia Becks (b.1860-d.?) – dau.; Susan Becks (b.1863) – dau.


1860: 92 slaves [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Yazoo Co., MS, Simmons and Manning, page 489B]

1865: Field hands – Bettie Thomas (b.1815), Catherine Brown (b.1840), Beck Smith (b.1820) and 1 child, Eliza Kibble (b.1810) and 3 children, Silva Becks (b.1830) and 1 child, Mittie Adams (b.1847) and 6 children, Matilda Cosby (b.1825), Purmale Holland (b.1830) and 3 children, Hugah Sanders (b.1838) and 3 children, Peter Combs (b.1844) and 4 children, Harry Miller (b.1793), Polly Miller (b.1810) and 3 children, John Carter (b.1810), Maria Carter (b.1805), Dorsey Williams (b.1820), Simon Cox (b.1813), Henrietta Cox (b.1815) and 2 children, Caroline Miller (b.1843) and 3 children; Isaac Sanders (b.1842), Elerdget Banks (b.1812), Elijah Banks (b.1842), Thomas Miller (b.1843), Barbra Sanders (b.1810) and 1 child, Eliza Keen (b.1838) and 2 children, Emily Walker (b.1846) and 2 children, Dicy Becks (b.1782), Anderson Miller (b.1835), Louisa Hardy (b.1845) and 2 children, Martha Allen (b.1824) [Mississippi, Freedmen’s Bureau Field Office Records, Yazoo City, 1865-1866, Owner – Simmons & Manning]



Simmons family: Mr. Simmons (b.?-d.?) – owner

Manning family: Mr. Manning (b.?-d.?) – owner


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  1. Hi. I posted about Sherwood Plantation on ancestry.com and just saw your post leading me to this site. I’m not sure if they’re one in the same. The plantation I’m referring to is/has been known as Sherwood. However, it is located on Wolf Lake, in Yazoo County, MS. I believe there were other plantations in the immediate area, so perhaps one of those was name Wolf Lake Plantation. You’ve given me some place to start. Thank you.


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