Richard Eskridge Plantation


Location: Carroll County, Mississippi; town of Duck Hill
Date Constructed/ Founded: ca. 1840
Associated Surnames: Eskridge, Butler, Hanks, Love, Swift, Weed
Historical Notes: Richard Edmund Eskridge (referred to as Richard Eskridge) migrated from his father’s plantation in South Carolina (Burdett Eskridge Plantation), to Perry County, Alabama (1830’s), then finally to Duck Hill, Mississippi to establish a large slaveholding estate. His son Taliaferro “Tollivar” Eskridge and grandson Burdett R. Eskridge (Tollivar’s son) lived with him (1850-1860 Census), and may helped him to manage his large plantation. His other sons, sons-in-law and grandsons also owned plantations and held slaves in the Duck Hill area: T.L. Eskridge Plantation (son Thomas L.), Richard E. Eskridge Plantation (grandson Richard E.), and others.
Associated Pages: Burdett Eskridge Plantation (Edgefield Co., SC), T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS), Richard E. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)


1800: 7 slaves [1810 US Federal Census, Abbeville Co., SC, Richard Eskridge]

1810: 5 slaves [1810 US Federal Census, Abbeville Co., SC, Richd Eskridge]
Note: Probably Richard’s uncle, Richard Eskridge (b.1739-d.1816)

1830: 14 slaves – 2 boys under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 1 male, age 10 – 23 (b.1807-1820); 2 men, age 24 – 35 (b.1795-1806); 1 man, age 55 – 99 (b.1731-1775); 6 girls under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 2 women, age 24 – 35 (b.1795-1806) [1830 US Federal Census, Perry Co., AL, Richd Eskridge]
Note: also 2 free colored persons: 1 male under age 10 (b.1821-1830); 1 male, age 10 – 23 (b.1807-1820)

1840: 9 slaves – 3 boys under age 10 (b.1841-1840); 1 man, age 36 – 54 (b.1786-1804); 2 girls under age 10 (b.1841-1840); 1 female, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 1 woman, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816); 1 woman, age 55 – 99 (b.1741-1785) [1840 US Federal Census, Carroll Co., MS, Richard Eskridge]

1850Group 1 – Male age 60 (b.1790), Male age 60 (b.1790), Male age 40 (b.1810), Male age 40 (b.1810), Female age 45 (b.1805), Female age 45 (b.1805), Male age 25 (b.1825), Male age 13 (b.1837), Male age 13 (b.1837);  Group 2 – Male age 32 (b.1818), Female age 22 (b.1828), Female age 9 (b.1841), Male age 6 (b.1844), Male age 4 (b.1846); Group 3 – Male age 25 (b.1825), Male age 32 (b.1818), Male age 28 (b.1822), Male age 25 (b.1825), Male age 25 (b.1825), Male age 22 (b.1828); Group 4 – Male age 27 (b.1823), Female age 22 (b.1828), Female age 24 (b.1826), Female age 3 (b.1847), Female age 3 (b.1847), Male age 1 (b.1849);  Group 5 – Male age 27 (b.1823), Female age 22 (b.1828), Female age 24 (b.1826), Female age 3 (b.1847), Female age 3 (b.1847), Male age 1 (b.1849); Group 6 – Male age 23 (b.1827), Male age 25 (b.1825), Male age 22 (b.1828)

1860: To Burditt Eskridge (grandson, son of Taliaferro Eskridge) – Abram, Bill, Elias, Jim (age 22), Martha and son Jim, Mitch, Moses Jr.; Luke, wife Amanda, and child Nelson; Rich/ Richard [From the Will and codicil to the Will of Richard E. Eskridge (Stephen Hanks)]

1860Group 1 – female age 17 (b.1843), female age 16 (b.1844), female age 13 (b.1847), female age 11 (b.1849), male age 8 (b.1852), female age 3 (b.1857), female age 3 (b.1857); Group 2 – male age 30 (b.1830), female age 28 (b.1832), female age 14 (b.1846), male age 12 (b.1848), male age 10 (b.1850), male age 8 (b.1852), female age 3 (b.1857), female age 1 (b.1859); Group 3 – female age 24 (b.1836), male age 1 (b.1859); Group 4 – male age 37 (b.1823), male age 36 (b.1824), female age 26 (b.1834), male age 9 (b.1851); Group 5 – male age 28 (b.1832); Group 6 – male age 38 (b.1822), male age 34 (b.1826), male age 30 (b.1830); Group 7 – male age 63 (b.1797), male age 41 (b.1819), male age 21 (b.1839); Group 8 – female age 70 (b.1790), female age 16 (b.1844); Group 9 – male age 64 (b.1796), male age 24 (b.1836), male age 20 (b.1840), male age 16 (b.1844); Group 10 – male age 36 (b.1824), female age 35 (b.1825), male age 13 (b.1847), female age 2 (b.1858); Group 11 – male age 16 (b.1844), male age 14 (b.1846), female age 8 (b.1852); Group 12 – male age 60 (b.1800), female age 60 (b.1800), male age 50 (b.1810), male age 21 (b.1839), female age 20 (b.1840), female age 14 (b.1846)  [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Carroll Co., MS, Richard Eskridge, 49 total, 9 houses]
Note: There are two Richard Eskridge households near each other in October 1860 [US Federal Census, Carroll Co., MS], Richard (age 85, with son Tollivar et. al., estate value = $92,000) and Richard E. (age 34, with wife Louisa et. al., estate value = $5,000). Therefore the assumption is that the larger enslaved persons list is associated with the elder Richard.


Eskridge family: Richard Edmund Eskridge (b.1775-d.1860) – owner, son of Burdett Eskridge who owned the Burdett Eskridge Plantation in SC; Nancy Livingston Eskridge (b.1782-d.1821) – wife of R.E. Eskridge (m.?); Burdit Mark Eskridge (b.1798-d.?) – son; Julia Ann Eskridge (b.1800-d.?) – dau.; Mary Ann Eskridge (b.1800-d.1860) – dau.; Thomas Livingston Eskridge (b.1801-d.1838) – son; Taliaferro “Tollivar” Eskrdige (b.1803-d.1864) – son; Samuel Grigsby Eskridge (b.1805-d.?) – son; Richard Ringold Eskridge (b.1807-d.?) – son; Savannah Rebecca Eskridge (b.1811-d.1880) – dau.

Eskridge family: Thomas Livingston Eskridge (b.1801-d.1838) – son of R.E. and N.L. Eskridge; Julia A. Lilly Eskridge (b.1805-d.1869) – wife (m.?), see T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)

Love family (Carroll Co., MS): Friend Ovid Love (b.1795-d.1836); Mary Ann Eskridge Swift Love (b.1800-d.1860) – wife (m.1821), widow of William Archibald Swift (b.1796-d.1821, m.1817), dau. of R.E. and N.L. Eskridge; William Archibald Swift Jr. (b.1818-d.1891) – son of W.A. and M.A.E. Swift Love

Eskridge family: Taliaferro “Tollivar” Eskridge (b.1803-d.1864) – son of R.E. and N.L. Eskridge; Sophia Bonhan Butler Eskridge (b.1807-d.1859) – wife (m.1829); Julia Emma Eskridge (b.1838-d.?) – dau.; Nancy L. “Nannie” Eskridge (b.1840-d.?) – dau.; Pierce Millege Eskridge (b.1848-d.?) – son; Mary R. “Mollie” Eskridge (b.1845-d.?) – dau.; Susan P. Eskridge (b.1851-d.?) – dau.; Samuel B. Eskridge (b.1843-d.?) – son; James L. Eskridge (b.1830-d.) – son; Elizabeth Eskridge (b.1832-d.?) – dau; Burdett R. Eskridge (b.1835-d.?) – son; Robert Eskridge (b.1839-d.?) – son; Thomas Eskridge (b.1834-d.?) – son; Richard Eskridge (b.1841-d.?) – son

Weed familyJames Cooper Weed (b.1801-d.~1860); Savannah Rebecca Eskridge Weed (b.1811-d.1880) – wife (m.1828), dau. of R.E. and N.L. Eskridge; Samuel Weed (b.1837-d.?) – son; Mary J. Weed (b.1830-d.?) – dau.; William H. Weed (b.1841-d.) – son; Richard Weed (b.1828-d.?) – son; Nancy E. Weed (b.1830-d.?) – dau.; Taliaferro Weed (b.1835-d.?) – son; Martha A. Weed (b.1843-d.?) – dau.; Ira G. Weed (b.1849-d.?) – son; Nathaniel Weed (b.1832-d.?) – son; Thomas B. Weed (b.1834-d.?) – son; Francis M. Weed (b.1854-d.?) – son; John D. Weed (b.1845-d.?) – son; Dabney L. Weed (b.1847-d.?) – son

Hanks family: Marion Hanks (b.1827-d.?) – overseer for Richard Eskridge



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  • Book of Estate Records, Carroll Co., MS. MS Department of Archives

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