Hector McNeill Plantation


Location: Carroll County, Mississippi; town of Duck Hill
Date Constructed/ Founded: unknown
Associated Surnames: Eskridge, Ford, McNeill, Norwood
Historical Notes: Hector McNeill was born in South Carolina (1799) where he married his first wife, Harriet Ford. He was the son of Captain John and Louisa “Levicy” Moultrie McNeill of Chesterfield, SC. Cpt. John McNeill owned a dry goods store, a shoe and saddle shop, and a small farm in Anson Co., NC.
Associated Pages: McNeill Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)


1820: 7 slaves – 3 boys under age 10 (b.1811-1820); 2 men, age 22 – 44 (b.1776-1798); 2 women, age 22 – 44 – (b.1776-1794) [1820 US Federal Census, Carroll Co., MS, Hector McNeill]

1840: 20 slaves – 5 boys under age 10 (b.1841-1840); 1 male, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 3 men, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816); 2 girls under age 10 (b.1841-1840); 7 females, age 10 – 23 (b.1817-1830); 1 woman, age 24 – 35 (b.1805-1816); 1 woman, age 36 – 55 (b.1785-1804) [1840 US Federal Census, Carroll Co., MS, Hector McNeal]

1850: Lot #1 drawn by Martha McNeill (daughter) – Jack ($700), Charlotte (575), Sophia (550), little Peter (400); Lot #2 drawn by Louisa McNeill (mother) – Duncan (800), little Hannah and child Hester (750), old Milly (100), old Petter (550), Laura (100); Lot #3 drawn by Albert F. McNeill (son) – Jerry (800), big Mary and child (700), Sally (150), Dick (375), Charles (375); Lot #4 drawn by Rebecca McNeill (daughter) – Gabriel (800), little Mary and child Boykin (750), Mary Jane (500), little Isaac (250); Lot #5 drawn by Mrs. Moriah McNeill (wife/widow) – Larry (800), Vine and child Lydia (700), Sabey (150), Leak (150), Lucy (250); Lot #6 drawn by James McNeill (son) – Davey (700), Gusta and child Patsey (750), Anthony (450), Henry (400); Lot #7 drawn by John McNeill (brother) – Isaac (575), big Hannah (525), Judy and child Nelson (600), Betsey (200), Bob (425) [1850 Estate of Hector McNeill, Carroll Co., MS]



McNeill family: Hector McNeill (b.1799-d.1847) – owner, son of John and Louisa “Levicy” Moultrie McNeill; Harriet Ford McNeill (b.?-d.?) – first wife of H. McNeill (m.?); William McNeill (b.?-d.?) – son of H. and H.F. McNeill; Mariah Norwood McNeill (b.1819-d.?) – second wife of H. McNeill (m.1837); Hector McNeill (b.?-d.?) – son of H. and M.N. McNeill; Patsy/Martha McNeill (b.1842-d.?) – dau. of H. and M.N. McNeill; Mary Louisa McNeill (b.1844-d.?) – dau. of H. and M.N. McNeill; Rebecca McNeill (b.1837-d.?) – dau. of H. and M.N. McNeill; John McNeill (b.1839-d.?) – son of H. and M.N. McNeill; James McNeill (b.?-d.?) – son of H. and M.N. McNeill

McNeill familyAlbert F. McNeill (b.1823-d.1866) – son of H. and H.F. McNeill, owner of McNeill Plantation (Carroll Co., MS); Mary Tabitha Eskridge McNeill (b.1829-d.?) – wife (m.1844), dau. of T.L. and J.A.L. Eskridge, see T.L. Eskridge Plantation (Carroll Co., MS)



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  • Wiltshire, Betty C. Carroll County, Mississippi Estate Records 1840 – 1869 with Freedmen Apprenticeships.
  • Rootsweb World Connect: Melton McNeill family (Hector McNeill, ID: I84). https://wc.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=:1041816

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