Teoc Waverly Plantation


Location: Carroll County, Mississippi
Date Constructed/ Founded: 1851
Associated Surnames: McCain, McAllister, Young
Historical Notes: William Alexander McCain owned a 2,000 acre plantation in Carroll County, Mississippi alternately known as either “Teoc” (the Choctaw name for the creek it was located near) or “Waverly.” He was married in 1840 to Mary Louisa McAllister (b.1812-d.1882). Charles “Jack” McCain, a descendant of the enslaved McCains and a World War II veteran, purchased 120 acres of land in Teoc and shared it with his cousin.
Associated Pages: High Rock Farm (Rockingham Co., SC)


McCain family: Isom McCain (b.1831-d.1888-1890); Leddie McCain (b.?-d.?) – wife; Daly McCain (b.1864-d.?) – son; Harry McCain (b.1866-d.1898) – son;  Sam McCain (b.1868-d.?) – son; Fannie McCain (b.1870-d.?) – dau.; Mack Mccain (b.1872-d.?) – son; Ellen McCain (b.1872-d.?) – dau.; Susan McCain (b.1874-d.?) – dau.; Frankie McCain (b.1879-d.?) – son

McCain family: Henderson McCain (b.?-d.?)

Hurt family: Mary Jane McCain Hurt (b.?-d.?) freedwoman and apprentice; John Smith Hurt (b.1893-d.1966) – son

Information from Antebellum Census & Estate Records

1860: Group 1 – Male age 60 (b.1800), Male age 30 (b.1830), Male age 24 (b.1836), Male age 22 (b.1838), Female age 20 (b.1840), Male age 25 (b.1835), Male age 5 (b.1855); Group 2 – Female age 62 (b.1798), Female age 40 (b.1820), Male age 22 (b.1838), Female age 20 (b.1840), Female age 18 (b.1842), Male age 16 (b.1844), Male age 5 (b.1855), Female age 3 (b.1857), Male age 1 (b.1859); Group 3 – Female age 44 (b.1816), Male age 33 (b.1827), Male age 17 (b.1843), Female age 9 (b.1851), Male age 7 (b.1853), Male age 5 (b.1855), Male age 3 (b.1857); Group 4 – Female age 60 (b.1800), Female age 60 (b.1800), Female age 30 (b.1830), Female age 28 (b.1832), Female age 24 (b.1836), Female age 11 (b.1849), Female age 9 (b.1851), Male age 2 (b.1858), Male age 14 (b.1846); Group 5 – Female age 24 (b.1836), Male age 60 (b.1800), Male age 38 (b.1822), Male age 26 (b.1834), Female age 24 (b.1836); Group 6 – Male age 55 (b.1805), Male age 30 (b.1830), Male age 27 (b.1833), Male age 25 (b.1835), Female age 23 (b.1837), Female age 21 (b.1839), Female age 19 (b.1841), Male age 11 (b.1849), Female age 6/12 (b.1860); Group 7 – Female age 28 (b.1832), Male age 10 (b.1850), Male age 8 (b.1852), Male age 2 (b.1858); Group 8 – Male age 45 (b.1815), Male age 26 (b.1834) [1860 US Federal Census (Slave Schedule), Carroll Co., MS, W.A. McCain, 52 total, 11 houses]


McCain family (Carroll Co., MS): William Alexander McCain (b.1812-d.1864) – founder of Teoc/ Waverly Plantation, mother Mary Scales McCain owned High Rock Farm in SC; Mary Louisa McAllister McCain (b.1812-d.1882) – wife (m.1840); John Sidney McCain (b.1851-d.1934) – son

McCain family (Carroll Co., MS): John Sidney McCain (b.1851-d.1934) – son of W.A. and M.L.M. McCain; Elizabeth-Ann Young McCain (b.1855-d.1922) – wife (m.1877)


  • None


  • U.S. Senator John S. McCain III – descendant of William Alexander McCain (great-great-grandfather).
  • The Black McCains – descendants of the African-American people who were enslaved at Teoc/ Waverly Plantation, and kept the surname McCain. Several family members were active in the Civil Rights movement in the South.
  • “Mississippi” John Smith Hurt (b.1893-d.1966) – influential blues guitarist who was born on the plantation to a sharecropping family.



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